No, we are not facing that dreaded Market Crash. In traditional finance, a crash is commonly associated with an over 10% drop in asset prices in a single day.

But rather, the current situation in the cryptocurrency markets is that of a correction. A correction is a steady and gradual decline in the market where asset prices drop over 10% over the course of several days. It is caused by the need for bullish traders to recover and consolidate their positions due to exhaustion in the markets. (This exhaustion is marked by the majority of buyers having already purchased the asset and no new buyers appearing to support the upward trend). With sell orders increasing and no buyers on the other side of the order book to buy, price declines.

Let’s take a look at the price chart for Cub Finance for the period March 22, 2021 through today (May 19, 2021).

On April 2, Cub Finance price reached a chart high of $4.7259 thereafter over the period of 47 days gradually declining in price to $1.12 at the time of this writing. I am sure over the period of this decline some CUB investors panicked and jumped ship selling into the decline. All this accomplished was a further depression in price. Clearly a situation of a market correction is present in CUB.

There is a lot to be bullish about when it comes to CUB. The team behind CUB has a proven track record and have demonstrated superior trustworthiness; a rug-pull is highly unlikely. The LEO Bridge is up and running providing users a cost effective tool to convert their ERC-20 assets to BEP-20 assets. Kingdoms are coming soon; they are investment tools providing high yield auto compounding vaults where you may choose between low, medium, and high risk tolerances based on your individual preferences. These three items all bring great value to the CUB platform.

I believe that aggressive marketing of CUB is necessary outside of the LEO/CUB/HIVE Community. The outside marketing will bring new buyers of CUB into the market thereby reducing the current downward price trend as a result of the correction. New buyers to CUB will increase price to a point more relative to the underlying true value of the CUB asset.

Personally, since my initial purchase of Cub tokens some three months ago, I have been slowly and methodically adding to my position. This on-going market correction in Cub has not scared me into selling, nor has it deterred my efforts in accumulating this gem. If anything, my accumulation rate has increased as I am taking advantage of the lower price, and price averaging my holdings in the process.

I am in CUB for the long haul. At current prices, given all CUB presently positively has going for it, it is seriously undervalued. CUB truly is a market gem in the long run, and the time is ripe right now to either take a position in CUB, or, to add to your existing holdings. $1.12/CUB is such a bargain, take advantage of it now.

The foregoing is not financial advise, but is solely the opinion of the author. Any investment should be undertaken solely at your own risk after Doing Your Own Research into Cub. The author accepts no liability for any potential investment loss occasioned by any reliance on the contents of this article.

I am merely an ordinary small investor who likes to share what I’ve learned and found interesting. Please take a few minutes and check out my other published articles. I am not in any way a financial advisor and as such, do your own research before investing. If you enjoyed this article please comment, like and/or tip. Feedback is always welcome here.




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